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Bulgathi Font is such a Bulgarian this has been done by an Indonesian graphic designer called Pandan Wangi. This is undertaken in a contemporary and stylish manner. Published in the year 2018, this font has been taken and utilized by so many clients since that time simply because of its super-glossy, elegant outlook. It takes the name “Bulgathi” from an Indonesian language term originating from “bulat,” meaning round. The font has round and smooth edges.

Contemporary and minimal, the typography is drawn from slender, clean strokes and geometrical shapes. Bulgathi epitomizes perfect sources of the idea, where straight and curved characteristics outline the harmony of professionalism and creativity to perfection. This font applies very pertinently to a comprehensive series of applications, especially in design—taking the extreme capability of logo designs, projects, branding, headlines, and advertisement material.

Bulgathi Font Family

  • Bulgarthi Regular

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Bulgathi Font is super versatile, packed with many weight and style variations, which puts you at absolute liberty with your pick on what can work best in your projects. Whether you need something substantial to make a statement or are trying to add soft undertones, this font offers a significant feast of different aspects that suit multifaceted design sensibilities.

The Bulgathi Font is beautiful and has excellent reading and legibility performance in different printing and screen environments. I won’t lie: it reads very well in both print and screen, making it quite adequate for anything you would like your message to say because the audience needs to understand.

In short, the Bulgathi Font is used far and wide for modern, sleek design projects that have to breathe a sense of style and professionalism. To be precise—it is the favorite point for many styles, both in the number of styles and variability in the styles themselves, for designers with an imposing, modern feel demand.

I hope you love using this font as much as I do! If you need help installing fonts, check out these guides: Microsoft’s article for Windows users and Apple’s article for Mac users.

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