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Milkshake is a beautiful casual script typeface by Laura Worthington, the famous type designer of hand-lettered fonts. Created in 2017, it has since appeared in many instances. All this is attributed to its playful, stylish, yet elegant look that fits a vast range of designs requiring a personal and handwritten feel.

One factor that makes Milkshake stand out from all angles is the fluid and bouncy feeling of its letterforms. Constructed to mock the natural flow of handwriting, it takes on all the spontaneity and warmth of an uncial script. Each character is well done with variable strokes and linked glyphs that make it appear just seamless and organic, quite inviting and expressive.

Contextual alternates and ligatures do a great job of bringing out this whimsical nature in Milkshake. These features automatically substitute alternate forms of lettering into your work in place of standard forms—while typing, representing the very subtle variation a hand might provide across a page. It makes the text feel more authentic and alive, a notch more personal and captivating.

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DesignerLaura Worthington
LicenseFree license
Milkshake Font

Milkshake Font Free Download

The first type is Milkshake, a very versatile font that applies to most creative ideas. Ideal for branding and packaging, where it can bring a free-spirited feel by its handwritten style into warm character—proof of an authentic, spontaneous style. It also could work excellent in headlines, titles, and quotes in editorial design to capture attention expressively and convey a friendly mood.

Milkshake is a decorative font, first and foremost, yet it is still clear and readable. Spacing and proportions of the letterforms are considered for legibility at small sizes and when used in blocks of text. It is just enough design and functionality to make Milkshake useable on the web and in print.

I hope you love using this font as much as I do! If you need help installing fonts, check out these guides: Microsoft’s article for Windows users and Apple’s article for Mac users.

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