Hammer Scout Font

Hammer Scout Font is a hard-working, wild-inspired typeface that screams exploration and discovery. Conceived in the vein of vintage adventure magazines and rough outdoor gear, it brings any design to life with a sense of excitement and ruggedness. With the feel of wild adventure in its structure, the typographic design that has been augmented with jagged edges and strength is much needed for projects that should deliver an edgy and bold typographic statement.

Hammer Scout Font Rough, textured, and distressed, hints at rugged adventure. Every single character of this font will have dusty, ragged edges with messy strokes and general age, something created with hand craftsmanship. This will be perfect for creating loud titles, logos, and headlines full of roughness and exploration.

Hammer Scout Font Family

  • Hammer Scout Regular
  • Hammer Scout Regular Italic
  • Hammer Scout 3D
  • Hammer Scout 3D Italic
  • Hammer Scout Condensed
  • Hammer Scout Condensed Italic
  • Hammer Scout Expanded
  • Hammer Scout Expanded Italic
  • Hammer Scout Gradient
  • Hammer Scout Gradient Italic
  • Hammer Scout Halftone
  • Hammer Scout Halftone Italic
  • Hammer Scout Laser
  • Hammer Scout Laser italic
  • Hammer Scout Left Italic
  • Hammer Scout Slight Italic
  • Hammer Scout Super Italic

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Hammer Scout Font

Hammer Scout Font is so vividly kinetic that it morphs into the only option for imparting this feel with any text about adventure, camping, hiking, or journeying. It befits an outdoor brand, its magazines, adventure and travel posters, and thematic merchandise to feel at home. In every way, it’s vivid and bold, as is needed to attract attention, display resilience, and get your heart racing.

For the perfect look, you should bring out the rough and adventurous spirit of Hammer Scout Font. It works well at display size—headlines and titles—or maybe even inside a logo where its weight and rough character become very obvious. It looks great when combined with other rustic or vintage-inspired fonts in body text for fun and cool visual designs that you could live with. Proper spacing and alignment will further enhance the overall aesthetic of Hammer Scout Font and enable it to add personality and charm to your design projects.

I hope you love using this font as much as I do! If you need help installing fonts, check out these guides: Microsoft’s article for Windows users and Apple’s article for Mac users.

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