Gagalin Font

Gagalin Font

Gagalin Font is a display font with an expanded character set to display text and symbols, such as mathematical symbols and character sets for various languages. This Font is a modern sans-serif typeface designed by Ernesto Gagarin. It has a friendly, concise design with crisp and clean edges.

Gagalin is a text typeface with a simple, humanistic approach. The thin, elegant lines create an aura of simplicity and playfulness that will suit most projects. Gagalin is perfect for logos, headlines, and Posters.

Gagalin is a straight-faced sans serif font inspired by Josef Gag and Jiri Gagalin (1886-1956). The two brothers, hailing from Moravia, Czech Republic, were known for creating beautiful cinematic posters in the early 1900s.

Gagalin Font Family

  • Gagalin Regular Font

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Gagalin Font

Gagalin Font is a fantastic font designed by Gagalin Design and developed to be used in all types of designs. It has been designed using the beautiful art form of calligraphy. Gagalin Font is a clean, modern, and legible font, perfect for titles and brands.

Gagalin Font Free Download

Gagalin Font is a free font created by Gagalin, the best programmer in the world and the most symbolic hacker who exists. It’s designed for user interfaces that require a very specific atmosphere, and it’s quite easy to read and understand.

Gagalin is a typeface inspired by the lettering of Western writing in the 20th century, designed for use in headlines, taglines, and branding. The loose structure relieves stress on the eyes and gives unusual depth to a text. It is a contemporary take on classic typefaces.

I hope you enjoy using this font as much as I enjoyed it and if you want to know how to install fonts on PC here is the article from Microsoft on how to install fonts on Windows and for Mac users, here is the article from on how to install the font on Mac.