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Coolvetica is reminiscent of the classic Helvetica typeface, yet it has an overall affable, informal, and fun look. Taking cues from one of the most famous typefaces around, Helvetica, Coolvetica offers a great retro style designed by the prolific type designer Ray Larabie he created it specifically to include with a collection of his fonts released by his company Typodermic Fonts.

Coolvetica is a groovy scratch that far out typeface meant to capture with copious verve the grooving bubble style all cap lettering of disco’s heady, advertising, and signage-infused heyday in the 1970s. The font tries to combine the cleanliness, modern look, and feel of Helvetica with a relaxed, somewhat retro feeling.

Coolvetica’s rounded edges and wide letterforms are some of its key features, giving this font a look of soft approach. This makes it applicable for different uses in projects that generally seek to be friendly and inviting.

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Coolvetica Font

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This contrasts directly with the total geometric accuracy of Helvetica: Coolvetica’s letters are somewhat exaggerated, often verging on the cartoonish. This makes the font stand out in casual settings, such as posters, logos, and product packaging, where a touch of whimsy is desired.

The weights and styles of Coolvetica vary widely, being very flexible for any usage in a designer’s intentions. From bold and heavy to light and spacious, the various versions of the Coolvetica joint family deliver the means to allow the designer to form a single visual voice across all avenues. Coolvetica is, moreover a multilingual font, allowing it to suit and be very flexible for international projects. Coolvetica is readable and showy, yet it remains legible and funny at the same time.

I hope you love using this font as much as I do! If you need help installing fonts, check out these guides: Microsoft’s article for Windows users and Apple’s article for Mac users.

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