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Akira Expanded Font is a fancy-look typeface by Vaibhav Singh launched by Indian Type Foundry. Its forms are comprehensive and expanded, and because of this, it will shade or shine in your designs. Akira is perfect for those designs where the emphasis should be laid on the wide letterform. Such designs would be in: branding, posters, and headlines, in general, for many creative projects, which might need contrasting, interesting, expanded typography.

Probably one of the most defining characteristics of Akira Expanded is the modern and futuristic sense that it gives off. Featuring a stance of expanse and geometrical letterforms, it contributes so much to visual impact and can be perfect for designing in a contemporary or edgy fashion. The letterforms are so vast that they leave almost a feeling of space or openness; this can work brilliantly with layouts that capture the picas of the viewer’s attention as fast and effectively as possible.

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Akira Expanded Font

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Apart from its being bold and eye-catching, Akira Expanded is a chameleon that changes its skin frequently. It comes in many weights, such as light to black, and enables a designer to try various expressions of emphasis and contrast in one’s projects. With the availability of many weights in the font, it is a convincing factor for a designer to try an application in different design domains, be it on a digital interface or large print media. This makes sure it stays clear and highly readable while legible even when used in small sizes.

Akira Expanded is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of a designer who wants to voice a thunderous statement with his designs. In a way, these incredibly wide geometric letterforms exude modernity through their aesthetic valor, which ultimately provides them with an adaptability that is pretty challenging to match. Therefore, this font can fit into any vital project with a loud statement from the side of the blown-out typography it presents. That sets it apart as unique and memorable in a creative landscape, be it corporate branding, advertising, editorial design, or digital media.

I hope you love using this font as much as I do! If you need help installing fonts, check out these guides: Microsoft’s article for Windows users and Apple’s article for Mac users.

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