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Ailerons Font is bare-sans-serif font created by Adilson Gonzales and released through the foundry Sora Sagano. The designer states that it was inspired by models of aircraft and the purity and simplicity of forms coming out from an aerodynamic form of a wing, which in the sans-seriff genre means its name.

One of the characteristic features of the font Ailerons is simplicity and clarity. The letterforms are designed simply with minimalistic details to be highly legible, suitable in many kinds of design work, from digital interfaces and websites to posters, signage, and editorial layouts.

Ailerons come in various weights, ranging from Thin to Black, to adapt appropriately for working in many typographic hierarchies and different design emphases. Type in every weight keeps consistent, maintaining space and balance. The resulting functionality ensures legibility and coherence across media in letter spaced text in points both large and small. This range of versatility makes Ailerons a serious typeface suitable for headline and body text applications.

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DesignerAdilson Gonzales
LicenseFree license
Ailerons Font

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Combined with its utilitarian aesthetics, Ailerons features a complete set of upper and lower cases, numerals, punctuation marks, and basic symbols. With such a range of characters, it is very applicable to a valuable set of any international project and all those that imply several language writing systems.

On the whole, Ailerons is the type designers genuinely appreciate for its minimalistic, current, striking appearance, and thus, it is a common choice when designing a sans-serif typeface. Whether one designs for digital or print, Ailerons is about simplicity, likely with a view toward sophistication. Yet here is a type of solution that is, at once, both classic and modern. It tells its stories directly in different weights for all kinds of design, ranging from the most straightforward corporate identification to excellent creative results in design.

I hope you love using this font as much as I do! If you need help installing fonts, check out these guides: Microsoft’s article for Windows users and Apple’s article for Mac users.

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